Acaja Servizi: Taxi Service!

Private Car Hire with Driver is the ideai solution whether you are planning a short, medium or long range journey.

This service is particularly appreciated by passengers who prefer to use travel time to either work or relax, instead of worrying about problems like which route to take or getting stuck in traffic.

ACAJA SERVICES provides taxi and private vehicle hire with driver services that aim to offer assistance and customised travel solutions, in keeping with the highest standards of safety, comfort and quality to guarantee passengers' complete satisfaction.

In reaching this goal, ACAJA SERVICES not only provides a number of exclusive services directly, but we also cooperate with the most reputable and best-known companies in the sector, to offer a full range of transport solutions, from luxury automobiles and shuttle vans accommodating up to 9 passengers to full size tour coaches.

Security, Comfort and Quality of service are paramount for ACAJA SERVICES.

Our entire fleet meets all the strictest safety standards, while living up to our customers' highest quality expectations in terms of on board ride comfort.

All vehicles feature reliable performance engines, comfortable and functional interiors, high-quality upholstery and materials, air conditioning, CD player, GPS as well as a host of other accessories that will help make your journey safe and comfortable.

Because all our vehicles bear the mark of the automotive industry's most prestigious brands andare guaranteed for performance and safety, our service is ideai far business trips as well as special delegations.

Our drivers will chart your journey so as to ensure the fastest route on the most direct highways and main access roads.

Besides being multilingua!, (on request), our qualified drivers are registered members of ltaly's professional Driver Association, and have been trained to guarantee discretion and respect regarding all services and special requirements provided to customers by our company.

Thanks to careful planning and the superior efficiency of the vehicles in our fleet, ACAJA SERVICES charges an a li-inclusive "flat rate" for whatever journey you choose. You can relax knowing you are getting the best possible fare with no added surprises, regardless of unexpected delays in travel time due to traffic or other unforeseen events.

By monitoring train schedules, airplane and ship arrivai times, we always guarantee maximum efficiency and punctuality.

For more information or fora free quote, please contact us directly.

Payment on board our ACAJA SERVICES vehicles can be made by ATM or any major credit card, while custom payment solutions are available for companies who use our services regularly.

Our services also include Wl-FI and on board welcome pack, with newspapers, magazines, minerai water and wet wipes also available.

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